Exciting times!

The last month was such a busy one! Several key projects went into their next phases after the checkpoints were successfully met.

Malsen Germany has officially launched now. We are looking forwards to exciting new opportunities working with them as the growth continues of the  commercial and business development side of Malsen Medical. Commercial acumen and helping clients new products actually get out to the market is such an important part of what we do.
Malsen France has welcomed several new consultants. They are mainly working in software related roles across our European projects. Specifically, they are focused on software validation and testing, along with software quality assurance and development. Malsen Norway has a lot happening in the background whilst our clients are on their holidays.
There is so much more going on that we will tell you about shortly. In the meantime for all our Norwegian consultants and clients- enjoy the summer holidays! (The rest of the world will catch up with you next month!)